Gawne is pronounced "gone" like Gawne With The Wind. Gawne in 60 Seconds. You get the idea. We’re a married team, and we've been together for 15 years. When we're not hanging out with our amazing two sons Max & Henry, we're capturing memories at weddings.  We get to go to about 40 every year- a pretty awesome gig if you ask us. We've now had the pleasure of capturing over 250 weddings. That's a lot of smiles, kisses, tears, laughs, & memories. Also cake. So much cake.


We shot our first wedding in 2010, and since then we've been hooked. When we got married in 2012, we used our experience to shape our business. What would we have wanted? What did we love about our day? What could have been better? Why didn't they cut off that one guy at the bar sooner? Doing everything we can to make sure our clients have an amazing wedding experience is what we're all about. Wedding photography and video doesn't just happen in the camera- your experience on your big day is so important. We make sure you're feeling calm and confident with expert direction, and most importantly we keep you laughing. If you're not having fun on your big day, it will show in your photos and video. 


From dreamy, light, and romantic shots to badass sunsets, we fuse our two styles to give you stunning images that capture the best moments of your life. Add stunning HD video, books & wall art from the best photo printing company in the world, and you'll have a collection of your first Family Heirlooms. We'll still be here for you as you navigate life together too- nothing makes us happier than doing portrait sessions with our past clients (& new ones too!) Boudoir, maternity, newborn, family, holidays and more. There's still a lot of good in the world, and our passion is capturing it.


We adore going to weddings. We would love an invitation to yours.

-Brian + Maria