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We’re a married wedding photography team. Our name is pronounced "Gone" like Gawne with the Wind, Gawne in 60 seconds, or Gawne Girl. And there is really no simpler (or more complex) way to say it: we love LOVE. We see the different colors and shapes and configurations that love comes in, and we are here to capture every single moment of it. Love really is boundless. It’s beautiful. Ubiquitous. And as you begin this adventure of a lifetime, we will not take lightly that you’ve chosen us to not only capture all the magic of your day, but that you trust us to make you feel comfortable, beautiful, jubilant and in love. 


Life is really just a series of love stories. All of our meetings stem from love, and we are no exception. Our story not only brought us together, but it’s shaped and built our lives. It’s given us two of the sweetest, most loving souls in life as our children. It’s given us perspective and insight and experience. We’ve been in the photography business for over a decade, and after shooting over 300 weddings, we know what it takes to make sure your day is one you remember, if only in a series of wistful and dramatic images that ignite all senses at full intensity. We’ll still be here for you (and new clients as well!) as you find yourself embarking on new adventures, too – nothing makes us happier than seeing where your life has taken you, and being able to capture all your new memories: maternity, newborn, family, and more. We hope you’ll grow along with us.


We love traveling, meeting new folks, trying new things, and getting to know our clients. We’re always awestruck watching love stories dance effortlessly in front of our lenses, and we just can’t WAIT to capture yours. 


Maria + Brian


On a more personal note...

Hi, I'm Brian.

Maria and I met in 2005 working in a theatre. Maria was not immediately a fan of mine, perhaps because I was her manager, or perhaps because I was kind of a jerk at 22. We got together the next year, and here we are 16 years later! Our 2 amazing boys are 5 and 3. They're basically the best ever. I know as parents we have to say that, but seriously, they are. Oh, and there's Indiana (poodle), Lulu (cat), and Moogle (hellbeast). 

I'm the second best photographer in The Gawnes! Definitely the best editor though, plus I make one hell of an iced coffee. Most of my time (not working) is spent laughing with the kids,  doing housework (no gender stereotypes here!), playing video games, and questing to find the most comfortable lounge pants. I listen to punk (pop & otherwise), classical, lo-fi, and "old man jazz" as Maria would say. I'm currently into The Last of Us, true crime podcasts, building Legos with the kids, & Frosted Cheerios at midnight.


Hi, I'm Maria!

Brian is awesome. He's just the best. Ok, ok, this was written by Brian too. Maria is asleep like a normal person is at 2:10AM. 


For real though- Maria is amazing. She's our lead photographer and she really runs our business. She does all of our email, social, meetings, and designs all of our books too. She has an incredible eye, she shoots with film, she makes everyone laugh, and she truly creates stunning art every day. She gets all the great ideas too. Too many ideas, truth be told. She'll tell me she's going to take a nap, then come back downstairs telling me we're starting a new LLC and that I need to get started making another website. She's brilliant, authentic, beautiful, and fierce. We would absolutely be lost without her- in business and in life.

Maria is currently into traveling the world, reading, researching helicopter rentals for shoots, Pedro Pascal, Taylor Swift (finally),  and being the best mom and partner around. 

-Maria (but really Brian again gushing about his wife)

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